Clown’s Crumbs

Clownish show in 7 languages. Release date: 5. 1. 2012

About the performance

The show is built around a tradition of travelling comedians from the medieval times who moved from town to town bringing news and performing theatrical pieces which were subversive in their content. Light, funny approach to the subject of spirituality and religion is one layer of presentation resulting from the text that is spoken by actors – clowns. They perform four stories – tales and work with the spontaneous emotions: here and now relating to contemporary life and current events.

Different languages are used: Czech, Slovak, English, French, German, Polish, Norwegian… Spectators can’t hide in the dark. Audience is not only consuming the show. The clowns often contact people who can even be invited on the stage…

Clown’s Crumbs was played in Prague, Brno, Ostrava, Rome, Salzburg and different festivals.

Directed and performed by: Lukáš Karásek, Marta Kuczyńska, Pavol Seriš, Filip Teller, Kristýna Trojanová

Capocomico: Pierre Nadaud